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Robert E. Sargent was a well regarded author and illustrator of children's books. As an artist his work has been widely collected since the 1950's by celebrities, and private collectors.  Some of these collectors are Catarina Valente, John Steinbeck, Kaye Ballard, Perry Como, Eartha Kitt, Jane Powell, Paul Douglas, John Sterling, Nancy Walker, Ross Hunter, Jack Mapes, Hildegarde Kneff and many others.

 Robert was born in Vermont in 1933.  His parents were Robert S. and Hilda I. Sargent, who resided on South Main Street in Northfield, Vermont.  He has a younger sister Patricia A. Sargent, who was born in 1939.

Robert attended Northfield schools and was educated in both Liberal Arts and fine arts in Vermont and Paris.  For more than 9 years he also resided and worked in Paris, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Vienna, Zurich, Rome Capri, and Madrid.

He produced and wrote his own fairy tales in which he added classical music.  These evolved into successful television programs for children which aired weekly on on the Sweden Television Program Exchange and expanded well into Europe over the years. 

He has been the recipient of many awards for his drawings, illustrations, paintings and book jackets.  He has sold many of these works in over 750 galleries throughout the United States and Canada since he returned to the USA in 1965.

Among his creative achievements - are a Danish Advent Calendar for Unicef, and the following:

The Restless Rabbit, 1966

Dogs Are Friends To Owls, And Cats Aren’t

A Trick On A Lion, 1966, recorded by Burl Ives

The Alligator’s Problem, 1966, read by Captain Kangaroo

The Adventurous Moth

The Small Seabird, 1967

Peter And The Wolf, recorded by Leonard Bernstein, 1968

Everything Is Difficult At First, 1968

What Is Beautiful,1969, written for European television

The Princess Party, 1969

Ten Fairy Tales

A Bug of Some Importance

The Hungry Elephant, 1969

Robert Sargent by the age of 23 had authored fifteen children's books with one publishing only in Finnish.  The rest were published by Simon & Schuster in English.
He is often called "The New Hans Christian Anderson" in Denmark, where Hans Christian Anderson is a national hero.

Robert Sargent sold his drawings, illustrations and prints in several New York galleries, and also galleries in Paris, France.

When a customer would come into the gallery to purchase one of his works, "I became fascinated with what angle they were to enter into my life.  The other side of it meant that upon purchase--They took something away of me  into their lives.  Every time they would look on the wall, they would remember our contact.  So I wondered a little about them."


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