Robert E. Sargent Vermont Artist & Author (1933-2014)

Illustrations by Artist Robert Sargent

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Robert E. Sargent
Illustrations by Artist Robert Sargent

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Peter And The Wolf

This book was recorded with Mildred Dunnock as accompanied with Leonard Bernstein in 1968
It was also recorded in Japanese by SONY


Robert E. Sargent

1955 Robert Sargent, age 22, poses with part of a series of his drawings on Army life used in a National Publication.


A Trick on a Lion

Published by McGraw-Hill Book Company, and also narrated by Burl Ives in 1966


The Ladies in Hats Series

If you don't know where you're going, you may miss it when you get there !
The Ladies In Hats series is a more recent series of drawings by Bob that brings out the whimsical side of the fairer sex. These pieces were also "made to order" with the customers' own sayings or quips.

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