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Here is an article about our products from Larry Eisinger's new book, Home Helper Ideas.

Unique Carpentry Tools That Insure Accuracy And Save Time

by Larry Eisinger
In my syndicated newspaper column over three years ago, I introduced a new tool that made it possible for the homeowner and professional carpenter alike to accurately position and help hold in place studs and joists on 16 inch centers while framing. Called the Frame Master at that time and now referred to as the Fast Framer, it consisted of an accurately molded spacer that cradles a stud while the next stud is being toe nailed. Manufactured by a small creative firm in Groton, Vermont, appropriately named Frame Master, Inc., the product gained such wide acceptance that two companion products were created. The first is a 24" version of the original spacer and is intended for use in deck building where joists are spaced 24 inches on centers. Cost of this tool is less than 10 dollars.

The second is referred to as the TrusTool & Fast Framing Level And Fast Framing Level. Since building a roof (or floor) with manufactured trusses has proven to be a more effective construction method than stick by stick framing, the TrusTool & Fast Framing Level And Fast Framing Level has two heads that can be positioned along the rail for 12, 16, 19.2, and 24 inch spacing. Equally important, since engineered lumber (wooden I beams with a laminated web and solid flanges at the top and bottom) is gaining greater acceptance for floor and roof joists because longer spans are possible than with solid lumber, the TrusTool & Fast Framing Level And Fast Framing Level is equally effective in positioning this type of joist. Incidentally, the 19.2 inch spacing is used for marking off five joists to be covered by an eight foot sheet of plywood. Because this type of engineered lumber can be designed so it is stronger than the same size solid stock, the 19.2 inch spacing actually saves one joist in that six would be required if solid lumber were used on 16 inch centers.

An added feature of the TrusTool & Fast Framing Level And Fast Framing Level are three vials built into the frame so that it can also be used as a level while spacing the joists or trusses before final nailing. Also, since the head on each end is made and mounted in two sections, should you find your project calls for using the tool in the same manner as the original 16 or 24 inch Fast Framer, merely unscrew one section and slide the remaining half along the bar to the dimension required. Cost is about 20 dollars.

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Frame Master is the "Retailer's Choice" in Chicago

At the 1992 National Hardware Show held in Chicago in August, the Frame Master speed and safety framing tool was awarded the coveted Retailer's Choice Award presented by Do-It-Yourself Retailing Magazine. This prestigious award was given to only 45 products out of over 150,000 exhibited at this year's show. The 6 member retailers committee that selected the winners was charged with choosing "unique products featuring good designs, packaging and merchandising, but also products that have the potential to sell well at retail."

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Frame Master is "Best, New / Improved Hardware Item" in Toronto

At the Canadian Home Centre Show in November, the Frame Master was the recipient of this award. The selection committee of 15 members shopped the show's 700 exhibitors and selected Stanley, Black & Decker, and Frame Master as this year's winners.

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"...if the frame master safety tool is used correctly, the hazards associated with nailing studs, joists and rafters with a nailgun, would be reduced."

- - Patricia K. Clark, Director
Directorate of Compliance Programs
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
U.S. Dept. of Labor
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"...This tool, if used correctly, will indeed reduce injuries and speed the framing process, in stick construction.

With the number of affiliates that are building with volunteers we find that various means of reducing injuries on the site are our number one priority."

Susan P. Johnson, Director
Construction Resources
Habitat For Humanity International

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