The Restelli Collection

The Personal Photographs of Television Pioneer, Dr. Vladimir Kozma Zworykin

© Copyright 1999, 2000 Steve Restelli. 174 Merchant St., Barre, VT., 05641, USA. All Rights Reserved

This page is dedicated to the memory of  Dr. Vladimir Kosma Zworykin (1889 -1982) and his research at RCA that made viewing your favorite sporting event or television show possible. These photographs were his personal record of the experimental days of television at RCA. They have been lost for nearly 60 years and are now being shown here for the first time.

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The Personal Photographs of Dr. Vladimir Kozma Zworykin, Television Pioneer

© Copyright 1999 Steve Restelli. 174 Merchant St., Barre, VT., 05641, USA. All Rights Reserved

Page 01

Page 02   1933 Screen Image of RCA Test Pattern

Page 03   1934 Screen Image at the Zoo

Page 04

Page 05   1934 Earliest Photos of Baseball and Football Games on TV

Page 06

Page 07   1935 Top: Elmer "Shorty" Engstrom, Head of RCA Research (later President of RCA)

Page 08

Page 09   1934 Earliest Known Mickey Mouse on TV

Page 10

Page 11

Page 12

Page 13

Page 14   1934 Early Screen Image of a Ship

Page 15

Page 16

Page 17

Page 18

Page 19

Page 20

Page 21

Page 22

Page 23

Page 24   1934 Screen Image of a Cartoon

Page 25

Page 26   1934 Earliest Known Baseball Screen Image

Page 27   1934 David Sarnoff makes his TV debut

Page 28   1934 Dr. Zworykin at his desk at RCA

Page 29   1934 Dr. Zworykin at his desk at RCA

Page 30

Page 31

Page 32

Page 33

Page 34

Page 35

Page 36

Page 37   1934 Making Tubes for Early Television

Page 38

Page 39   1934 A Celebration of the Refinement of a New Era of Communications

Page 40

Page 41   1934 First Iconoscope built by RCA, scanned 120 lines at 24 frames/second

Page 42   1934 Dr. Zworykin at his desk at RCA

Page 43

Page 44

Page 45

Page 46

Page 47

Page 48

Page 49

Page 50

Page 51

Page 52   1937 Lecture in Berlin, Germany

Page 53   1937 Lecture in Berlin, Germany

Page 54

Page 55

Page 56

Page 57   1940 Top; Dr. E.G. Ramberg and J. Miller, Bottom; Dr. George A. Morton

Page 58   1940 Top; Dr.George A. Morton and Golzoff, Massa and R.R. Goodrich, Bottom; Bender (all of RCA)

Page 59   1940 Top; B. Thompson and Miss Gale, Bottom; Dr. P.T. Smith (at Harrison Facility)

Page 60   1940 Top; Dr. R. Nelson, Bottom; L. Garner (at Harrison RCA Facility)

Page 61   1940 Top; H. Floss, Bottom; M. James (at Harrison RCA Facility)

RCA's Official Press Release July 30, 1982 "Dr. Vladimir K. Zworykin, RCA Television Pioneer, Dies"

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