Dr. Vladimir Kosma Zworykin's Awards, Diplomas, Certificates and Honors

  1. Certificate of Membership, The American Institute of Electrical Engineers, New York, August 8, 1922
  2. Diploma, Doctor of Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh, June 9, 1926
  3. The Morris Liebmann Memorial Prize, 'For his contributions to the development of television.' The Institute of Radio Engineers, New York, January 1, 1934
  4. Resident Member of The Franklin Institute of the State of Pennsylvania, for the Promotion of the Mechanic Arts Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, January 16, 1935
  5. Diploma, Doctor of Science, honoris causa, The Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, New York, June 15, 1938
  6. Overseas Award, British Institution of Electrical Engineers, 1939
  7. Republique Francaise, Ministere de l'Education Nationale, May 30, 1939
  8. Modern Pioneer Award, The National Association of Manufacturers, 1940
  9. Fellow/Rumford Medal, The American Academy of Arts and Sciences, ", for his invention of the iconoscope and other television devices", May 6, 1941
  10. Charter Member, Electron Microscope Society of America, 1942
  11. Recipient of the TMS Institute of Metals Lecture Award, established in 1921, recognizes an outstanding scientific leader who is selected to present a lecture at the TMS Annual Meeting, 1943
  12. Diploma of Membership, National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, April 27, 1943
  13. Television Broadcasters Association, Inc., First Annual Award for technical pioneeringin television, 1944
  14. Certificate of Appreciation, The War Department, Washington, D.C., December 21, 1945
  15. Certificate of Honor (25 years service), RCA Laboratories Princeton, New Jersey, November 16, 1946
  16. Certificate of Commendation, United States Navy, February 1, 1947
  17. Internazional Marconiano Congresso, Roma, Medal, September, 28, 1947
  18. Internazional Marconiano Congresso, Roma, Medal, October, 5, 1947
  19. The Howard N. Potts Medal, The Franklin Institute of the State of Pennsylvania, for the Promotion of the Mechanic Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April 16, 1947
  20. Presidential Certificate of Merit, The United States of America, Washington, D.C., March 1, 1948. In recognition of his distinguished war services. During WWII, he consulted with the U. S. Army Air Corps, ordnance and the National Defense Research Committee. His service was regognized as invaluable for his contributions in developing aircraft-fire control, television guided missiles, infra-red-image tubes for sinperscopes and snooperscopes and for storage tubes.
  21. Certificate of Membership, The American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April 24, 1948
  22. Republique Francaise, Ordre National de la Legion D'Honneur July 19, 1948
  23. Ingeniors Vetenskaps Akademien Med Tack For Vardefull Insats, 1949
  24. Poor Richard Club of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Gold Medal of Achievement, "For Distinguished Service in the field of Electronic Research and Outstanting contributions to the Development of Television." January 17, 1949
  25. American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Benjamin Garver Lamme Award, "For Meritorious Achievement in the Development of Electrical Machinery", February 4, 1949
  26. *Honorary Member, Society of Motion Picture Engineers, "Having gained high distinction in the science of motion picture engineering". Actual Date of this is not known, but sometime before 1950 as this is when it became the SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers).
  27. Certificate of Membership, Eta Kappa Nu Association, New York, January 30, 1950
  28. Progress Medal;establishment of a Television Prize in his honor, Society of Motion Picture Engineers New York, New York, October 16, 1950
  29. *The Medal of Honor for the year 1951, The Institute of Radio Engineers, New York, New York, The IEEE Medal of Honor is the Institute's highest award. It is presented only when a candidate is identified as having made a particular contribution which forms a clearly exceptional addition to the science and technology of concern to the Institute. Presented to Dr. Zworykin "For his outstanding contributions to the concept and development of electronic apparatus basic to modern television, and his scientific achievements that led to fundamental advances in the application of electronics to communications, to industry and to national security",January 1, 1951
  30. *Honorary Member, Camden County Chamber of Commerce, State of New Jersey, "In high appreciation of his outstanding contributions to the advancement of Radio, Television and Electronics, more particularly for his valued patriotic services in World War II and for the development of the RCA electron microscope acknowledged to be the most useful scientific instrument of the twentieth century.", April 9, 1951
  31. *Elected into the Hall of Fame of Popular Mechanics Magazine "He is elected as one of fifty Americans deserving honor of their fellow men for their achievements in the fields of mechanics, the sciences and discovery, and for their contributions to the welfare of mankind during the past half century.", January, 1952
  32. *Les Chevaliers de la Croix de Lorraine et Compagnons de la Resistance - rank of Chevalier et Compagnon Honoraire , August 5, 1952
  33. *Honorary Member, Free French War Veterans and Ladies' Auxiliary, Inc. "In recognition of his outstanding services on their behalf." September 17, 1952
  34. The Edison Medal, The American Institute of Electrical Engineers,"For outstanding contributions to concept and design of electronic components and systems, and for meritorius acheviemnt in electricity." November 14, 1952
  35. *Radio Pioneers Award for Distinguished Service to Radio Pioneers, " For his extradordinary career and brilliant inventions and developments in the field of electronic television." 1953
  36. Union Francaise des Inventeurs--Television, 1954
  37. Gold medal, Diplome De Merite et de Membre Du Comite D'Honneur Union Francaise Des Inventeurs, Paris, France, April 30, 1954
  38. Honorary Vice-President, Board of Directors, Radio Corporation of America, August 6, 1954
  39. Presentation upon formal retirement, RCA Laboratories, Princeton, New Jersey, September 18, 1954
  40. Society of Television Engineers (Japanese), May 11, 1955
  41. The Institute of Electronic Communication Engineers (Japanese), May 11, 1955
  42. *Commendator cum numismate (Adjunct with medal), High Ranking Military Order of the Golden Cross (Knights) of Cyprus and Jerusalem. "Because of your loyalty to our organization and because of your generosity to the poor have recognized you as quite deserving and have decided to confer upon you awards worthy of your works insofar as we can. We declare you decorated by conferring upon you insignia in accordance with your rank, with all the duties regarding our organization and with all the rights and honors which foreign knights of this order enjoy or will enjoy in the future." December 10, 1955. This award is in Latin and Italian and was translated by Jacques A. Bailly, Professor of Classics, University of Vermont, www.uvm.edu. There are also an unknown medal he received in 1955 in the Perdue University Collection, "Celebrazioni Colombiane, Genova, 1955". Perhaps this is the medal that would have gone with this certificate. If anyone knows of this organization, please email me stephen844@juno.com
  43. Certificate of Membership, Tau Beta Pi, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April 27, 1956
  44. *Certicicate "In Recognition of Public Service, The United States Department of State Extends to V. K. Zworykin, Its appreciation for assistance in the American program for the Brussels Universal and International Exhibition, 1958. It was through contributions such as yours, generously and willingly made in the public interest, that the United States could present to the world, at Brussels, a representative picture of our land and our people. It is my privilege to extend this official recognition to you on behalf of the Department of State. Howard L. Cullman, United States Commissioner General" Brussels, Belgium, 1958
  45. "Founder President" The International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE), 1958 The Vladimir K. Zworykin Award is given to a Biomedical Engineer for outstanding research contributions in the field of medical and biological engineering
  46. Premio Internazionale delle Comunicazioni Cristoro Colombo, Genova, Italy, October 12, 1959
  47. Medaille Gustave Trasenster, Association des Ingenieurs, Sortis de l'Ecole de Liege, March 15, 1959
  48. Trasenster Medal, University of Liege, 1959
  49. Christoforo Columbo Award and Order of Merit (Italy), 1959
  50. Honorary Member, British Institution of Radio Engineers, Convention at the University of Cambridge, July 2, 1959
  51. Il Presidente Della Republica, October 10, 1959
  52. *Citation, Broadcast Pioneers, "For his brilliant conception and development of the indispensable picture tubes which made modern television possible." Broadcast Pioneers, 1960
  53. *MIFED, Honorary Title of "Champion", The Milan Fair and the International Fair for Motion Pictures, including Television and Documentary Film, For his application of Television for Medical Purposes, 1962. The birth of Mifed, the International Film and Documentary Market, marked a unique event in the history of Italian communications, demonstrating for the first time that media images were marketable, and anticipating the strategic role of audio-visual communications in the world economy. Conceived by Michele Guido Franci, secretary general and then chairman of Fiera Milano until 1984, Mifed was launched in 1960 in the belief that the two venues of cinema and television should not be seen as conflicting, but complementary in distribution. The show was held twice a year, in April in conjunction with the Fiera Campionaria, when it was dedicated to television; and in October, when it focused on film.
  54. *Pan American Medical Association, "In grateful appreciation for your generous support of its programs of interchanging medical knowledge and research in the Western Hemisphere.", 1963
  55. *The Albert Sauveur Achievement Award, The American Society for Metals,"In recognition of his pioneering metalluricial achievements which have stimulated organized work along similar lines to such an extent that a marked basic advance has been made in metallurgical knowledge.", October 22, 1963
  56. Medical Electronics Medal, University of Liege, 1963
  57. *Annual Founder's Medal, National Academy of Engineering, 1964
  58. Faraday Medal, The Institution of Electrical Engineers, Westminster, April 29, 1965
  59. Certificate of Membership, National Academy of Engineering of the United States of America, October 6, 1965
  60. DeForest Audion Award, "In recognition of important contributions to physical and medical electronics, February, 19, 1966
  61. Chicago Electronics Industry, June 30, 1966
  62. *The Electronics-Electrical-Plastics Division of the Combined Jewish Appeal of Metropolitan Chicago,"In recognition and wondrous appreciation of you as the 'Father of Television', for your remarkable achievements in the perfection of sound motion pictures and all-electronic television, and for your development of the field of medical electronics, which has been so great a blessing to mankind. Your pioneering, your dynamics, your keen mind and sensitive heart, your very ability to influence people and to give leadership have been the most important source over the years in building up our great industry, giving employment to millions of people throught our land and overseas, giving life itself and raising the standard of living of multitudes of people everywhere. We, the manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers in this insustry honor you today and extend to you our heartiest good wishes for continued good health and achievement in the many years ahead." June 30, 1966
  63. The National Medal of Science Awarded by the President of the United States of America, "For major contributions to the instruments of science, engineering and television, and for his stimulation of the application of engineering to medicine." Lyndon B. Johnson, 1966
  64. The Golden Plate, American Academy of Achievement, Dallas, Texas, June 17, 1967
  65. *Third Annual Founders' Medal, National Academy of Engineering, Washington, D.C., "In recognition of his many contributions to engineering and to the betterment of human society", April 24, 1968
  66. *Certificate, Funk & Wagnalls, Inc., "On this its 100th Anniversary, acknowledges the outstanding contribution of Vladimir Kosma Zworykin, Ph.D., Wheras, your scholarly contribution to Funk & Wagnalls New Encyclopedia has significantly helped to maintain our tradition of publishing reference works of high quality. We proudly extend to you our respect and warm appreciation", 1976
  67. *Inaugurated into the National Inventors Hall of Fame"Certificate of Induction Into the National Inventors Hall of Fame, For his outstanding, patented, inventive contributions which have contributed greatly to the public welfare and advanced the useful arts in the United States and for which he merits the recognition and appreciation of an entire nation", February 6, 1977
  68. *First Honoree Inaugurated into the Russian-American Hall of Fame, "Father of Television, Honorary Member of the Congress of Russian Americans." This organization honors outstanding American citizens of Russian descent for their contributions to science, technology, literature, arts and other fields in the United States of America. ", October 29, 1978
  69. Eduard Rhein Foundation ring. "The Foundation awards the Eduard Rhein Ring of Honor for Outstanding work which has been accomplished over a long period of years in an area related to the promotion of scientific research and of learning, the arts, and culture at home and abroad. The number of living bearers of these rings is limited to ten." Dr. Zworykin was the first honoree, October 15, 1980
  70. *Honorary Fellowship Award, Royal Television Society. "For his long and Outstanding Contribution to the Science & Technology of Television Broadcasting", New York, New York, November 10, 1980
  71. *Distinguished Scientist Award, The Electron Microscopy Society of America. "For contributions to the field of electron microscopy, at the 39th Annual Meeting of the Society at Atlanta." August 12, 1981
  72. *Inaugurated into the Video Hall of Fame, October 28, 1981
  73. Emmy Award, Academy of Arts and Sciences, "for more than a half century of pioneering conception and invention including the first practical tube for picture transmission", 1984 (posthumously). The Emmy award is derived from the term "immy". The iconoscope, Dr. Zworykin's tube, was the precursor of the Image Orthicon tube, a vacuum tube first developed for the military in WWII for television guided bombs. It was later used in post war television cameras was affectionately called "Immy".
  74. Inaugurated into the New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame, 1989(posthumously)
  75. Inaugurated into theConsumer Electronics Association Hall of Fame, 2000(posthumously)
*Indicates Awards that reside within my collection