Mission statement for BarreCity.net

BarreCity.net is a privately owned website. All of the time and money used for its support is accomplished from private funding and volunteer resources.

BarreCity.net was born from the lack of funding/interest in providing an online public safety resource for Central Vermont residents.

Government often moves too slowly to be fully responsive to the very fast paced and evolving communities we live in today.

Crime today travels at the speed of light, and it needs to be countered with equal swiftness and a greater tenacity.

Todays crime headlines use to disappear with tomorrows newspaper, but not any more and not at the BarreCity.net web pages.

It is the mission of BarreCity.net to provide an equal swiftness to countering the growing crime levels within Central Vermont by using todays technologies and available Vermont online resources.

Unfortunately this year will mark the 25th anniversary of one of Barre’s children who was brutally murdered in 1982. The killer may or may not be found, but we all need to remember Pamela Brown’s murderer is still out there. In a sense, she is everyone’s child, we need to never forget that terrible things can happen to our children.


Do your part and enable your cellular phone to receive Amber Alerts for your Vermont zip code.