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The largest drug raid in Vermont history took place in Barre City on December 19, 2006 & made front page news.  View the suspects and read the story!

Local Unsolved Deaths & Homicides

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There are three unsolved cases that remain open with the Vermont State Police and the photographs and links to them are as follows:



Brook Bennett Murder Case Updates

Search the Vermont Sex Offender Registry Data Base by County Washington County = Barre

Brattleboro Vermont  Police Department's Wanted List

Burlington Vermont Police Department's Most Wanted List

U.S. Marshals - District of Vermont Fugitive Investigations

Vermont State Police Criminal Information Center


Disappearance of Brianna Maintland

Pamela Brown Homicide July 16-17, 1982

2/17/09 Breaking News--Arrest Made Based on DNA Sample

Her body was found late Saturday morning behind St. Monica's School in a wooded area by 3 children searching for bottles in the Summer St area.

She was last seen at the Barre Heritage Festival on Friday just past midnight after splitting up with her friends.  She was wearing blue jeans and a brown blouse tied at the midsection with a cord.  The cord was apparently used by her killer.  Eye glasses were found near her body, so she may have had them on at the time of her death, which was estimated to be between midnight Friday and 6:00 AM on Saturday, July 17th. 

According to the Vermont State Police website her cause of death was ligature strangulation and she had been sexually assaulted. 

If you have any information, please contact:

Lt. Edward Ledo- VSP Middlesex BCI

Phone 802-229-9191

2007 will mark the 25th anniversary of this brutal murder and rape.  Since there was a lot of physical evidence recovered by police at the crime scene, modern day forensic science may finally crack this case using the national DNA database!  



Elwyn "Randy" White Homicide 2002

After being missing for a while his body was discovered buried in a shallow grave off the Berlin Pond Road in Northfield.  His remains were found by a person turkey hunting on May 10, 2002.  Prior to his disappearance he resided in Barre where he rented an apartment.  If you have any information, please contact:

Det. Sgt. Russ Robinson
Vermont State Police - Bureau of Criminal Investigations - Middlesex
1080 US Route 2
Middlesex, Vermont 05602


Telephone: 802-229-9191




CALL ANONYMOUSLY 1-800-529-9998

John McAllister Suspicious Death 2004

He was reported missing by his family in January of 2004.  He resided in Williamstown at the time he disappeared.  In October of 2004 his remains were identified in an area of White River Junction frequented by homeless persons down by some railroad tracks.  If you have any information, please contact:

Det. Sgt. Todd Illingworth
Vermont State Police Royalton
2011 VT Route 107, Bethel VT 05032

Telephone: 802-234-9933


Leslie Spellman was last seen alive in Barre, Vermont on June 18, 1977



Link to Map Showing Vermont & NH Homicides Since 1968


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